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Al Muhaidib Contracting

About us

Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company was established in 1398 (H), 1977 (G) and is fully Saudi owned.

The company is a subsidiary of Abdul Kadir Al-Muhaidib & Sons Group.

Since its inception, Al-Muhaidib Contracting Company has been engaged in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, office buildings, hospitals, schools, sewer lines, water lines, wastewater treatment plants, water purification and desalination plants.

The company is a registered contractor with Saudi Aramco, SCECO and...
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Our Services

Al-Muhaidib Contracting Co. has a well-earned reputation for repeatedly delivering exceptional projects of every size and scope.

Providing services for all phases of a project, we specialize in Oil & Gas and Infrastructure, which, alongside General Construction, constitute our core business.

Often tackling tight deadlines, budget constraints, and challenging site conditions, our professional staff of more than 3,000 employees continually improve management, technology, and financial systems to deliver the most...
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Our Projects

In  an ever-changing  industry  driven by evolving technologies and fast-moving business environments,
we appreciate that every project is unique. Al Muhaidib Contracting meets the challenges of construction by
adapting our services for individual project needs. We deliver progressively more complex projects that take
you from concept to completion as efficiently as possible. We do this by  getting   involved  early on;  communicating
frequently; whilst under no...
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